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Stump Grinders


Stump Grinder -Standard -PTO

Product Description

TSG-50 - The powerful and durable PTO- driven StumpBuster is built to take on even the toughest stumps. Powered by a 15-50 horsepower tractor, the TSG-50's 20" carbide-toothed cutting wheel can whittle away 24-inch-tall stumps in a matter of minutes. The unit's 980 rpm delivers high hub torque - enough to grind a 45-inch-diameter stump, into a hole 10 inches deep, in minutes. Repositioning the unit for another pass can also eliminate larger stumps. The StumpBuster's unique single-directional cutting design creates a more aggressive cutting pattern, quickly chewing through the stump. This design also improves bearing and gearbox life.

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